Neoline : clean, reliable transport at a competitive price

The goal of Neoline SAS is to design and develop a transport solution which will drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels and the production of greenhouse gases, while providing reliable, high quality, competitive service for shippers.
Neoline's solution is based on the development of a cargo ship designed for transoceanic voyages and powered primarily by an energy source which is in infinite supply, 100% clean and free : WIND.

Neoline's Goals

Our company's goal is to market a transport solution under the French flag which offers shippers :

  • - Reduction by up to 90% of pollution and greenhouse gas emission, providing an effective response to current and future environmental regulations.

  • - Universal (modular) transport suitable for heavy, rolling and oversized freight, and containers which are fully protected in the hold and in the garage.

  • - Competitive, stable rates which do not fluctuate with bunker adjustment factor (BAF) rates.

  • - A commitment to commercial speed of delivery, with flexible transport which can adapt to different industrial sectors (ease of access to secondary ports).

  • - Certified transport with a strong identity, which offers users a real plus in terms of marketing, respect of the environment and company image.

Neoline's transport solution involves the development of a sailing cargo ship : NEOLINER



A project led by a team of professionals

At the origin of the Neoline project is a team of nine associates, for the most part professionals from the merchant marine, united by a shared vision of the future for maritime freight transport and the role that wind propulsion can and must take in that future.

The founding partners entrusted Michel Pery and Jean Zanuttini with the management of Neoline.

    Michel PERY
    • Michel Pery, President
      "Over a full seagoing career in the merchant marine, I have handled several different kinds of ships, including many ro-ros. I also had the opportunity to practice working sail on board a three-mast boat called Belem. I have exercised "full and entire" responsibility as a captain for 24 years, and over that time the economic and regulatory situation has changed quite a bit, in particular to improve social practices and respect for the environment. The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution can only be satisfied by reducing fossil fuel consumption. Technical advances will eventually make this possible, but the only technology available right now using renewable energy is sails. Commercial sail was used for maritime transport until it was replaced by mechanical propulsion; but leisure sailing, and then sport sailing, have benefitted from increasingly sophisticated materials and technologies, with a constant concern for reducing their weight, advancements which have not been applied to cargo ships. Neoline simply wants to adopt those materials and technologies to build a modern, sailing cargo ship."

      “After a first part of career as an Officer of Merchant Marine (deck and engine) on cargo ships, including ro-ro, I altered my course since 2010 toward port and ship design studies. It is in 2011 that Michel and I have started to work on the Neoliner concept, with the objective to represent an environmentally friendly vessel of the future, seen by seamen. That is to say, very ambitious in its performance, yet pragmatic, safe and suitable to the practice of the profession. As future owners, it is the connection between design and operation that interests us, the whole being underpinned by an economic model that we are working to make it strong, realistic and industrial.”

The management is assisted by an executive commitee of three partners specifically involved in the oversight and promotion of the project :

  • Eric Gavoty (Executive committee chairman)
    Former communications director of a banking group and General Secretary of the Belem Foundation, Eric Gavoty participates in the political and commercial development of the Neoline project.
  • Philippe Videau (Executive committee member)
    Shipowner, co-founder of the Compagnie du Ponant and former merchant marine officer, Philippe Videau is the financial architect of the Neoline project.
  • Jean-Jacques Vidal (Executive committee member)
    Entrepreneur and vineyard manager, Jean-Jacques Vidal participates in the commercial development and marketing of the Neoline project.

The coming together of complementary skills and know-how constitutes the founding factor of this organization, which is destined to expand as the project advances.

Neoliner : an efficient, clean, reliable and economical ship

Neoliner is a "ro-ro" (roll on/roll off) ship using sails as her main propulsion system, with a secondary diesel-electric propulsion system.
She has duplex rigging, an innovative system that makes sailing more constant and more efficient.
Her dimensions and draft allow her to serve a wide range of ports.

Technical characteristics
(Updated 09/2018)

Length : 136m
Width : 24,2m
Water draft : 6m (port) / 13,5m (at large)
Air draft : 67m (41m rigging folded)
Displacement : 11709t
Total sail surface : 4160m²
Power (diesel-electric) :  3900kW
Service speed : 11 knots
Max. engine speed : 14 knots
Crew : 15
Passengers : 12


Transport capacity

drawing Neoliner loading spaces cargo areas freight 

Thanks to her size and the layout of her holds, Neoliner is particularly well suited to loading rolling stock, outsized freight and general cargo; she can also embark containerized cargo and comfortably carry up to 12 passengers.

Neoliner : an innovative ship

The quest for efficiency is global and applies to every phase of the project. For example, an analysis of the life cycle will be performed, and we are studying the feasibility of fitting the ship with an auxiliary mechanical propulsion system using LNG rather than diesel.

Among the many innovative aspects of the project, some technological choices are particularly important :

Duplex rigging :
• Very efficient upwind and downwind
• Increases sail area without impacting the air draft
• Better stability of the rig
• Natural transmission of effort to the frames
• No impact on cargo spaces
Duplex rigging Neoliner wind propulsion environmentally friendly
Retractable anti-drift fins :
• A key element for performance in close-hauled sailing
• Derived from anti-rolling stabilizers

Neoliner retractable anti-drift fins

Hull and propeller :
• Thickness of a sailboat
• Transport capacity and operability of a true cargo
• Optimized reduced drag of the propeller under sail
Neoline transport by sailing ship with Neoliner
Electric auxiliary propulsion :
• Possibility of dual fuel engine, with LNG
• Optimized hybrid operation, with the combined use of sails and motors

Neoline Freight Maritime Transport

Development program

After an initial phase of study and design financed by our own resources, the creation of Neoline SAS has brought the project into its active phase. Constitution of the company has made it possible to initiate studies for the assessment of technical and commercial risks, and to form a consortium of financial and technical partners to support the project as it grows; various public aid programs will be solicited, given both the innovative nature of the project and its environmental value.

The current development stage will provide for technical optimization studies, the commercial development of the project and planning for its funding.

We are also considering important stakes to open up the project to broader participation, be it support, partners or future clients of the Neoline eco-friendly transport solution.


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Neoline headline Le Marin 21 décembre 2017

Thursday 21 december 2017

NEOLINE hit the headlines of the newspaper Le Marin!

Transport maritime : le cargo à voiles est de retour, article sur Neoline dans Le Marin

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Neoliner Carène Saint-Nazaire

Tuesday 12 september 2017

Presentation of NEOLINE by Jean ZANUTTINI at la Carène (Saint Nazaire) at the occasion of the conference "la Croissance Bleue"

CCI Nantes Saint Nazaire website.

Neoliner Cargo Sailing ship ecoresponsable

21st June 2017

Creation of a new Europ Atlantic hub for IWSA in NANTES

International Windship Association website.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 5:30 PM

Conference: "Possibility and pertinence of a return to working sailing" and presentation of the project at the Institut Français de la Mer (Nantes).

See the press release on the Mérite Maritime web site.

Monday, September 19, 2016 at 6:30 PM

Conference: "A sailing freighter for eco-friendly shipping", programmed in the "Sea Mondays" at the Maison de la Mer (Espace des Sciences) in Lorient.

Possibility and pertinence of a return to working sailing! To reduce the use of fossil fuels and limit greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, many maritime actors are developing projects in cooperation with the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique. Shipping is one of the sectors involved in this effort, with the design of merchant vessels working with wind propulsion. Neoline SAS, created by a team of professionals mostly from the merchant marine, is aiming for the revival of sailing work by developing a cargo ship designed for transoceanic voyages and primarily powered by an unlimited energy source, 100% clean and free: wind. Michel Pery, Merchant Marine Master and President, and Jean Zanuttini, maritime expert, ship designer and CEO, will show how wind propulsion can be a sustainable solution for shipping. They will present Neoliner, a "ro-ro" ship (roll on/roll off) using sails as the main propulsion system and an auxiliary diesel-electric propulsion system, her commercial exploitation and the development of the project.

Pertinence Sail Cargo Neoline

Conference "Possibility and pertinence of a return to working sailing"

programmed the september 19, 2016 in the "Sea Mondays" at the Maison de la Mer (Espace des Sciences) in Lorient (vidéo) :

Pertinence Voile Cargo Neoline

July 1, 2016

Market research of the sailing cargo ship concept entrusted to CATRAM Consultants.

Neoline stand Fêtes Maritimes Brest 2016

July 2016

Neoline stall at the Fêtes Maritimes de Brest - Quai des Sciences

Neoline Présentation Projet CESE

May 17, 2016

Neoline at the Economic Social and Environmental Council (CESE):
Conference: "Maritime transport heading towards the energy transition"

Neoline Presse

Some press articles : Le Marin du 9 juillet 2016, Le Marin, Voiles et Voiliers


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