Heading for 2021 !
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Heading for 2021 !

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The whole NEOLINE team wishes you all the best for 2021 and a passionate and serene year!

We seize this occasion to thank our partners, our supporters as well as all the people that are mobilized by our side with strenght and strong will, in order to concretize our project of an eco-friendly maritime transport by sailing cargo ships.

Back in 2020

In 2020, we had the pleasure to welcome the Sogestran group within NEOLINE’s capital. As a recognized French shipowner in the river and maritime sphere,  the Sogestran group is a reference partner of NEOLINE, both operationally (with its subsidiary Compagnie Maritime Nantaise) and financially. We would like to pay tribute to the group’s teams, who have supported us in all our endeavours with efficiency and kindness.

We have also signed an Energy Savings Certificate contract with EDF, which validates the energy savings provided by the Neoliner and that will be a first in maritime transport.

Although disrupted by the health crisis, 2020 was also the year in which several major transport contracts were signed, in addition to the one already concluded with Groupe Renault. Thus, a binding contract was signed in July 2020 with Groupe Beneteau, in October 2020 with MANITOU Group, and in December 2020 with JAS Hennessy & Co. These agreements, concluded with major names of the “made in France”, validate the relevance of our offer of maritime transport by sailing ships open to all shippers and contribute to their global efforts to reduce emissions.

In addition to our direct partners, the project is generating an increasing number of positive reactions from the general public and also from the education, the heritage, the culture worlds…  We are very pleased and proud of these signs of support, to which we are trying to respond in the best possible way. Even before we hit the water, we feel that our first ship is already (there) in many minds!

Thank you!

Therefore, once again we would like to thank each and every one of you, and tell you how much your commitment at our side motivates us and how much your enthusiasm will be our energy throughout this new year 2021. This will allow us to overcome the last obstacles that separate us from the construction of the first vessel.


Happy New Year 2021, for you and your loved ones!