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NEOLINE Conference at the Cercle de la Mer of Lorient

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Cercle de la Mer Lorient

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Portrait Michel Pery Mer XXL

​Conference at the Cercle de la Mer of Lorient by Michel Pery, President of NEOLINE

A new business model with a thousand-year-old technology

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

Lorient City Council Hall

Cercle de la Mer Lorient


Subject :

Fossil energy consumption must be reduced, for this there are several technical solutions. Some mature and proven, others under development.

NEOLINE-le fret à pleines voiles

Sailing, which has been in service for millennia, is one of the technologies, simple, mature and immediately available. It will be all the more effective if it adopts the advances and knowledge available today.

On this logical observation, the founders of NEOLINE built a new economic model, applicable to a large part of the maritime industry.

Michel Pery will explain the origin and ambition of this shipowner’s project, which aims to anchor the energy transition in maritime transport for sustainable and mutually beneficial ecological and economic development.

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