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New port of call for the NEOLINE team moving to Gare Sud Nantes!

Company's life -

We were a bit overcrowded in our former place and will be happy to welcome you from March 6th, 2020 at Gare Sud Nantes 325 rue Marcel Paul 44000 NANTES (more info coming soon, move in progress!)

NEOLINE GARE SUD NANTESA big step for the mobility of the team which is taking its marks in offices more adapted to the dynamics and values of NEOLINE:

An appointment in Paris or far away? Hop! on the train in 3 minutes!

A lunch in the city center in Nantes? We go there on foot, by bike, by bus or tram!

A meeting a little off-center? The Marguerite car-sharing service or the traditional car rental companies (at the same address!) will meet your needs!

#mobility #transport