Welcome on board !
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Welcome on board !

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NEOLINE proue dauphinsWhile the NEOLINE fundraising has just been closed, we are very happy to welcome on board the 993 people who made the choice to support us up to 840 800 euros and to embark on the adventure of the energy transition of the maritime transport thanks to the wind with NEOLINE!

Thank you for your support and your motivation to advance the cause with us!

We would also like to thank the sixty or so “Friends&Family” supporters of the first hour as well as those who contribute in various ways, from near or far, to help the team in the daily life of the project…

All your energies are with us and your testimonies have reinforced our conviction that we are on the right track…
With you by our side, many of us want to see the great commercial sailing ships on the waves, sober and more respectful of the environment for more responsible maritime exchanges…

The NEOLINE team is on deck and is doing its utmost to “align the planets” with a view to launching the Neoliner in the coming months and, with your support, we are fully pumped up for the next stage of operations!

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