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World Oceans Day 2020

With our partner RespectOcean, we are supporting World Oceans Day 2020 which this year focuses on the theme of Innovation, through a small #did you know to highlight the largest cargo sailboat ever built in the world: the France II, 142.20m and 10700 tons displacement.

Neoline WorldOceansDays RespectOceanTo find out more about the France II, we invite you to read on (in french):

Benefiting from the innovations of racing sailing in materials and weather routing, the Neoliner, 136m and 11000 tons of displacement, follows in the wake of this legendary sailing freighter to offer a sober and efficient maritime transport, with clean and renewable wind energy as its main propulsion…

Discover the #RespectOcean network and the initiatives of its members for the protection of the Ocean on the occasion of #WorldOceansDay :

logo RespectOceanhttp://www.respectocean.com/campagne-worldoceanday2020/