[RENAULT Group says YES to maritime transport by Sails with NEOLINE]
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[RENAULT Group says YES to maritime transport by Sails with NEOLINE]

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Florence Ughetto, Sustainable Logistic expert in charge of implementing the Group Supply Chain’s decarbonization strategy :

“NEOLINE uses the free and immediately available energy of the wind with its sailing cargo ships and its maritime transport solution powered by sails is fully in line with the Group’s strategy to reduce the impacts of its supply chain.”

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Interviewed on the occasion of the 1st edition of WIND FOR GOODS (www.windforgoods.fr/en) on September 21, 2021 in St Nazaire (France) with the active support of Disobey (shooting/video editing).

NEOLINE is a french company that offers a sustainable maritime transport solution based on 136m ro-ro cargo ships with sail as main propulsion on a transatlantic route open to all shippers committed to the energy transition of their supply chain.

Thanks to Renault Group, partner and supporter of NEOLINE since 2018!

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