Signature of the sail propulsion pact
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Signature of the sail propulsion pact

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Signature of the sail propulsion pact: the french government commits to supporting the sail industry, a leading solution for decarbonizing maritime transport. 🌬 ⛵

🤝 Last Thursday a pact for wind propulsion of ships was signed between the state and stakeholders in the sail sector.

☝️ This significant step will support projects for less polluting and more environmentally friendly maritime transportation, of which NEOLINE is a part.

👏 A big congratulations to the Wind Ship Association, which has been working for nearly 10 years to accelerate maritime ecological transition.


👉 In the face of the climate emergency, the maritime sector must undergo transition to reduce its environmental footprint, while maintaining essential maritime transport capacity for the French economy and its strategic supplies.

👉 French stakeholders are mobilizing to promote a clean and decarbonized mode of transportation through wind-powered ship propulsion. With considerable advantages and investment exceeding €1 billion, sail stakeholders are poised to play a major role in decarbonizing maritime transport and to serve as a driver of attractiveness for the French economy through this ecological, industrial, and energy opportunity.

👉 The industrialization of solutions and their adoption by the maritime fleet are two essential steps to ensure the success of the French sail sector in the global market.

👉 In order to promote the development of wind propulsion for merchant ships, sail stakeholders, the state, and now the maritime, logistics, and financial ecosystem are committed.

Read the official french press release here.