"Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet" #WorldMaritimeDay2020
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"Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet" #WorldMaritimeDay2020

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“Sustainable Maritime Transport for a Sustainable Planet”, a major and powerful theme for Sea Day 2020!


For the #WorldMaritimeDay2020, NEOLINE attends the webinar organized by RespectOcean, in partnership with the association WindShip,

Thursday, September 24th from 11am to 12:30pm:

 “Maritime transport and corporate social responsibility (CSR)”

On the agenda: CSR, the international context of the energy transition of maritime transport, UN Sustainable Development Goals (notably SDG14) and the positioning of actors committed to responsible and sustainable transport…


As well as the managers of two sailing shipping companies that have placed sustainable development and CSR at the very core of their business models:


Webinaire RSE - NEOLINE

Information and registration (FULL – waiting list): here

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