In 2022, get on board NEOLINE via the crowdfunding with WiSEED !
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In 2022, get on board NEOLINE via the crowdfunding with WiSEED !

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WiSEED supports NEOLINE Development, a pioneering start-up in carbon-free maritime transport, for its funding through crowdfunding


  • Launch of a crowdfunding campaign for the Nantes-based company NEOLINE Développement on WiSEED.
  • The collection target is €1M, as part of a total €3.3M fundraising from investors.


Toulouse, January 13th, 2022 WiSEED, a leading digital investment platform, is launching a crowdfunding campaign for NEOLINE Développement, a company based in Nantes, France, a pioneer in the development of more environmental-friendly, competitive maritime transport solutions, which are adapted to the shippers’ logistics needs.


Simultaneous to the financial closing of the first NEOLINER’s construction (60 million €), this fundraising aims at reinforcing the means of the company NEOLINE Développement, in order to participate to the financing of the shipping company NEOLINE Armateur. It will also accelerate the developments of future sailing ships as well as future lines.


A sailing cargo ship to reduce fuel consumption up to 90%.

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Founded in 2015 by a team of former merchant navy officers, NEOLINE is developing the NEOLINER, a ro-ro cargo ship using wind as the main propulsion and a diesel-electric auxiliary propulsion, capable of offering safe and efficient transport, reducing fuel consumption by up to 90% (compared to a conventional ship of equivalent size). NEOLINE offers a shipping solution that combines operational relevance, energy efficiency to move towards zero emission and meet the needs of shippers for their transatlantic logistics chains. It is scheduled to be fully operational in 2024.


Following an international call for tenders, NEOLINE has chosen the French shipyard NEOPOLIA Mobility, gathering a local network of large groups and smaller businesses, to build its first ship. This collaboration would allow more than 65% of the construction to be French.


A first pilot project supported by major French industrials

NEOLINE’s first project consists in commissioning a new maritime transport service under sail, connecting Saint-Nazaire to the American East Coast, via Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon. This line will be operated with one then two ro-ro sailing ships. The first NEOLINER will be 136 meters long for a 5300 tons capacity and can welcome 12 passengers aboard. This ship will allow to save more than 80% of fuel consumption. It is intended to demonstrate that it is possible, by relying on the wind, to propel commercial ships in an almost-decarbonized way, while providing an industrial-scale, efficient and environmental-friendly logistics service.


Renault Group, Beneteau Group, Manitou Group, JAS Hennessy & Co, Michelin, Clarins, Longchamp and Rémy Cointreau – among others – have already signed firm commitments and stated their strong expectation for this first transatlantic line. With more than 2 years to go before the launch of the first ship, contracts and letters of intent already ensure that the break-even point of the first ship is covered, as well as 70% of the second ship.


Jean-Marc Clerc, Managing Director of WiSEED Transitions: “Our crowdfunding platform has a long history of supporting start-ups and SMEs that innovate in the field of energy transition and green growth. NEOLINE is a pioneer company that relies on nearly 10 years of research and studies, and on the expertise of a high-level team. The numerous industrial, financial, and commercial partnerships that the company has already established, as well as the credibility of the roadmap that is being presented to investors, all confirm the considerable potential of NEOLINE for investors. This project is not only innovative but above all visionary.”

 Jean Zanuttini, president of NEOLINE: “We are very happy today to be able to propose to everyone, together with WiSEED, to become an actor of the energy transition, to invest in the future, to embark with NEOLINE on the adventure of a responsible maritime transport! Collectively, we can reduce the impact of shipping, its inherent energy needs as much as possible, and mainly use the free, immediately available and renewable energy of the wind. With the support of our partners and shippers who are the real actors of change, we are doing everything possible to launch the project in the best possible conditions. With you, we will be able to go further and develop the clean maritime transport of tomorrow on a larger scale.”


About WiSEED

WiSEED is the leading player in crowdfunding in France. A specialist in digital investment, the platform offers to investors the opportunity to invest in tangible assets with impact in the form of bonds, shares or equity securities and provides unlisted companies with fast, flexible and innovative financing solutions. Since its creation in 2008, WiSEED has raised €324M for nearly 727 projects from 176,700 members of its community. WiSEED is approved as an investment company by the ACPR and is the only French platform with an ISP status (Investment Services Provider).

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Founded in 2015 by a group of maritime professionals convinced of the necessary evolution of shipping, NEOLINE’s vocation is to be the initiators of a maritime transport turned towards more energy sobriety, relying on a main sail propulsion. Flagship companies of the French industry such as Renault Group, Beneteau Group, Manitou Group, Michelin, Jas Hennessy & Co, Clarins, Longchamp and Rémy Cointreau, are already convinced by this model. The two companies, NEOLINE Développement and NEOLINE Armateur, benefit from the operational and financial support of the French shipowner Sogestran, which acquired a stake in the company in 2020, as well as public and private investors. The transatlantic pilot line will connect Saint-Nazaire, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Baltimore and Halifax with a departure every 15 days, once the line is operative in 2024. It is supported by the Pays de la Loire Region and BPI France. The project is certified by the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, the Pôle EMC² and Atlanpole. NEOLINE intends, with its partners, to constitute an innovative French answer to a universal environmental challenge while remaining in an industrial and competitive framework.



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Please note: Regarding the crowdfunding campaign, every natural person being a French or abroad tax resident may invest. Only United-States tax resident may not invest, post-investment administrative procedures being unfortunately too cumbersome.