Michelin' supplychain says YES to maritime transport with NEOLINE
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Michelin' supplychain says YES to maritime transport with NEOLINE

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Why did Michelin choose NEOLINE and sailing for its transatlantic freight?

Interview of Géraud Pellat de Villedon, in charge of CSR for Michelin’ supplychain :


“I am Géraud Pellat de Villedon, I am in charge of the CSR for Michelin Supply Chain. We have been thinking about this for many years now with Neoline, and we decided to take action for several reasons. Firstly, because we are convinced that wind-powered technology is a technology of the future, and we would like to promote this technology. The second reason is that we want to decarbonize our supply chain and today Neoline allows us to do so by using its services. We are embarking with Neoline because we have a CSR strategy for the supply chain which is based on 3 axes, the first one being to reduce our logistic flows by producing closer to our consumers. The second axis is to optimize our means of transport, to know how to load more, how to go faster in our flows while reducing our CO2 emissions. Finally, the third axis, which is an innovation axis, through which we will try to promote innovative solutions to push the market. Neoline is really part of this strategy at the heart of this third pillar, which is based on innovation and collaboration. Neoline is for us a great catalyst for all these innovations, especially in the shipping industry.”

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Interviewed on the occasion of the 1st edition of WIND FOR GOODS (www.windforgoods.fr/en) on September 21, 2021 in St Nazaire (France) with the active support of Disobey (shooting/video editing).

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