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NEOLINE develops its commercial strength and signs a partnership agreement with SOGEBRAS

Press Release -

NEOLINE, a Roro sailing ship on a transatlantic line project, signs a partnership agreement with SOGEBRAS at the beginning of March 2019 to expand its offering and offer a turnkey and tailor-made service to its clients and prospect users of Nantes Saint-Nazaire Montoir Port.

staff neoline sogebras

From left to right: Fabien SAVARY (Sogebras Operation manager assistant), Pauline NICOL (Sogebras Project developer), Jean ZANUTTINI (NEOLINE CEO), Johann FELTGEN (Sogebras Montoir/Saint-Nazaire agency director), Valérie HOUGUET (Sogebras Customs and transit agent), Adrien PROT (NEOLINE Sales representative). Photo credit: Alexandra DAMIN.

SOGEBRAS, as a ship agent, specialises in port services to ships: stevedoring, ships agency, transit and Customs as well as warehousing and stock under EDI handling. With 50000 square meters’ warehouses and 12 ha of storage on 2 platforms, this major player of the West Atlantic coast can also work products under BIO or GMP+B3 certificates. SOGEBRAS also represents the Marfret maritime company and is the French agent of Rickmers lines. The particularity of the Montoir / Saint-Nazaire agency includes heavy and outsized cargoes.

Company of the MARITIME KUHN and SOGENA group, located on the 3 French façades for more than 70 years, they’ve managed to establish themselves as privileged actors of logistics in French ports. They are made up of strong local identity agencies who rely on human and material investments tailored to their clients’ needs and specificities in order to increase their satisfaction and trust.

An ideal partnership to support the NEOLINE pilot vessels, roro sailing vessels with a length of 136m and a width of 24.6m specialised in outsized freight and rolling stock. Their 9.8m high for 12.6m wide ramps will allow to embark cargoes of 200Mts each and store them away from bad weather in optimised garages.

NEOLINE intends with this partnership to support its development building on SOGEBRAS expertise as an important and recognised port player in Nantes Saint-Nazaire and Montoir port.

The achievement of this partnership relies on the involvement of Pauline Nicol, Projects developer for SOGEBRAS under Johann Feltgen’s direction, who from now on works closely with NEOLINE commercial team.

The aim is to develop import and export possibilities and to promote the future service of roro sailing transatlantic line that should be launched in 2021 and connect the East coasts of North America to Nantes Saint-Nazaire port via Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.


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