Neoliner Origin's ship's log - Ep01
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Neoliner Origin's ship's log - Ep01

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👷 Block by block, the construction of our first sail cargo ship has been progressing since the steel cutting in November 2023 (RMK Marine Gemi Yapım Sanayii ve Deniz Taşımacılığı İşletmesi A.Ş).

🦾 50% of the ship’s steel has been cut!

👉 Measuring 136m long, the Neoliner Origin will be composed of 75 blocks, of which 13 are already manufactured.

⛵ With a launching scheduled for December 2024 and an entry into service in mid-2025, the Neoliner Origin will herald a new era of maritime transportation. It will depart from Saint-Nazaire to Baltimore, with stops at Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and Halifax (CAN).

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