Jas Hennessy & Co. partners with NEOLINE, pursuing its commitment to sustainable transport
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Jas Hennessy & Co. partners with NEOLINE, pursuing its commitment to sustainable transport

Press Release -

On Wednesday 2 December 2020, Laurent Boillot, President of Jas Hennessy & Co, signed a letter of intent with the Nantes-based ship-owner, NEOLINE, to increase Jas Hennessy & Co’s efforts in reducing the impact of its transatlantic maritime logistics flow.

  • In 1998, Jas Hennessy & Co became the first spirits company to be ISO 14001 certified and continues to work towards reducing their environmental impact ; thanks to a pioneering eco-responsible approach initiated more than 20 years ago. In particular, to limit the environmental impact of transporting its products, the company has been promoting the most virtuous modes of transportation for many years. With more than 90% of its shipments transported by sea, Jas Hennessy & Co is now taking a new step forward in sustainable transportation.


  • Propelled mainly by clean and renewable wind energy, the 136m sailing cargo ships, are equipped with 4 200m² sails. This operating model developed by NEOLINE will enable a 90% reduction in the carbon footprint on the transatlantic shipping routes compared to a conventional vessel of the same size on an equivalent line [1].


With this commitment, each year 4 million bottles (containerized) produced by Jas Hennessy & Co. will be transported by NEOLINE’s sailing cargo ships between Montoir de Bretagne (France) and Baltimore (USA).


Jean Zanuttini, Président de NEOLINE et Laurent Boillot, Président de Jas Hennessy & Co.

Jean Zanuttini, Président de NEOLINE et Laurent Boillot, Président de Jas Hennessy & Co au Château de Bagnolet (Cognac) le 2 décembre 2020.

This collaboration is part of a sustainable transportation approach initiated years ago by Jas Hennessy & Co. This new mode of transportation, complements the historical methods of shipping by Sea and Rail. (94% of Jas Hennessy & Co.’s modes of transportation, with road representing 5% and air less than 1%[2]).


HENNESSY_portrait_LaurentBoillot_200Laurent Boillot, President of Jas Hennessy & Co : ”Maritime shipments have always been the determining factor in the development of Hennessy. We want to ensure the sustainability of our business on every level, from the vine to the glass The innovative and planet-friendly solutions developed by NEOLINE, resonate with the adventurous DNA of the company and will allow us to significantly reduce our atmospheric emissions and work to protect biodiversity.”



This new initiative represents a first step in Jas Hennessy & Co’s collaboration with NEOLINE. It is part of the launch of its transatlantic pilot line that is scheduled to be operational in 2023, with one ship departing on a monthly basis.



The shipping service developed by NEOLINE is an innovative combination of economic and ecological performance.

Crews trained in the fine handling of the vessels, sail optimized sailboats benefiting from the technological advances (particularly in weather routing) at a commercial speed of 11 knots. This allows for a unique, competitive and sustainable service that fits into the current reality of logistics chains.

Jean Zanuttini, Chariman of NEOLINE : « “We are very proud that Jas Hennessy & Co, one of France’s leading exporters to the United States, has chosen our environmentally friendly shipping solution to strengthen its approach in reducing its environmental impact. Our commitment to maritime heritage, the catalyst of innovation from which our project is based, unites us around fundamental values. Jas Hennessy & Co’s participation in the pilot line represents a first important step in our collaboration which will be extended to the future of the transatlantic market.”









About Jas Hennessy & Co : As the leader in cognac, Jas Hennessy & Co has been an international exemplar, providing exceptional expertise for more than 250 years. Born from the conquering spirit of its founder Richard Hennessy, the brand is present in more than 160 countries. Situated in the heart of the Charente region, Jas Hennessy & Co is a devoted regional economic player, fully committed to enhancing the value of the Cognac industry. The success and longevity of the House are based on the quality of its cognacs, which are the result of a unique transmission process. In 1998, Jas Hennessy & Co was the first spirits company to be ISO 14001 certified. Jas Hennessy & Co is mobilising its capacity for innovation and industry partnerships to preserve this exceptional terroir. Flagship of the LVMH Group, Jas Hennessy & Co is a major contributor to French foreign trade. Through the export of 99% of its production, it contributes to highlighting France internationally.


Press contacts Jas Hennessy & Co :

Flavie de Lachapelle fdelachapelle@moethennessy.com  +33 (0) 5 45 81 42 11

Yuan LI (Agence Wellcom) yuan.li@wellcom.fr +33 (0) 6 65 97 42 95


NEOLINE logoAbout NEOLINE : Founded in 2015 by a group of maritime professionals, through increased environmental performance, NEOLINE has championed new propulsion modes as the answer to global climate challenges,… NEOLINE’s ambition is to become the first ship-owner oriented towards energy sustainability, relying mainly on sail propulsion. The model developed by NEOLINE is based on the operation of 136m sailing cargo ships (ro-ro vessels mainly designed for heavy and non-standard cargoes) allowing shippers to reduce the environmental impact of their transatlantic logistic flows by 90%. Together with its partners, NEOLINE’s mission is to constitute an innovative French response to a global environmental challenge, while remaining within an industrial and competitive framework..

Press Contacts NEOLINE : presse@neoline.eu

Bénédicte Enaux (NEOLINE) : +33 (0) 6 08 51 02 43 ou Jéhanne Guilloury (Agence B Side) : +33(0)6 14 99 87 81

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[1] (cf : https://www.atma.asso.fr/dyn/memoires/memoire_43.pdf)

[2] Breakdown of Hennessy shipment modal in tonnes.km: 90% maritime, 4% rail, 5% road and <1% air (source: Jas Hennessy & Co Annual report 2019).



With the major French players involved in the energy transition such as Renault Group, Beneteau Group, Manitou Group and today Jas Hennessy & Co on board its sailing cargo ships, NEOLINE is helping to build a more respectful and desirable world for the next generations.